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Welcome to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Historical Society.  The society is dedicated to the preservation of and education about the history of America's first Common Carrier Railroad, the Baltimore & Ohio.  The society has members all over the world across a variety of railroad interests from modeling to research to preservation.     

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The Society maintains an archives of documentation from the Offices of the Vice Presidents of Operations and Engineering from the B&O Railroad.  We are also the custodians of several thousand photographs and blueprints, maps and drawings.  The Society also publishes a quarterly journal, The Sentinel, and a periodic on-line magazine The B&O Modeler.  Each year the society holds an Annual Convention and two mini-conventions in Ohio and the Maryland/West Virginia areas respectively.

Got a Question?

Have a question about the B&O? We first recommend checking out the links on the left hand side of our Home Page, particularly the B&O Discussion Group under the Our Society heading. There are innumerable members of the group who have a great amount of B&O historical knowledge. Also the B&O Museum is a great place to check for genealogical inquiries, especially for employees who worked prior to 1936. For employees who worked from 1936, check with the Railroad Retirement Board. Links to those sites can be found here.

Still don't find what you need at these sites and other web resources? Archives Email our Archivist for further help. If you have a specific research need, see below.

Research Requests & Fees

The Society does perform research at the archives per request for a fee. Research requests submitted to Archives Emailor by letter will be reviewed by our volunteers. Some questions can be answered by existing books. If that is the case, we will recommend the appropriate resource in response to the inquiry.

For questions that require in-depth research, we will provide an estimate of the time required to answer your question. The society research fees can be found at this link.

An invoice that is based on the Society's estimate will be sent to the requester. Upon receipt of payment and upon completion of the request, the Society will ship copies of the material fulfilling the request.


Direct link to the B&O Lettering guide. Includes the Guides, Fonts, and Logos. Includes also the Chris Barkan's Boxcar and Hopper lettering arrangements.

Direct link to the EMD Diesel font guide

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