The B&O Railroad History Resources on the Web

The B&O Railroad Historical Society is not the sum total of B&O knowledge. As such we like to keep tabs of what else is out on the information superhighway.  Visitors here may find these sites helpful in their research and hopefully entertaining as well.

Modeling Resources

B&O Fonts and Logos, including the Chris Barkan October 1996 B&O Boxcar Lettering Arrangements and the N-35, N-41, N-44 34' Offset Twin Hopper Car Major Lettering Arrangements.

B&O CPL Signals

Literature Searches

Topic Listings for The Sentinel Magazine from inception to date. You can also purchase magazine sets on CD in PDF format for all issues from the 1980s through 2009. These sets, along with the index provided here and in our Sentinel link will provide an outstanding reference for historical research. See our Company Store for details.

Topic Listings for B&O Magazine from 1913 through 1962. The index lists only the primary / featured article(s) in each issue. Here is an inventory of magazines that are available at Society headquarters in Eldersburg as of 2017 as well as several years of issues that are available from Google Books. Actually, Google Books has more volumes available on their website but few beyond the ones shown here are "full" scans - they have what they call "snippet" versions - containing only a few samples from portions of a few pages and are useless for research.

Library Catalog Searches

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Museums, Libraries and Historical Organizations

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum

The Maryland Historical Society

The Brunswick Heritage Museum

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