Magazine Footnotes

The B&O Modeler Magazine is a publication which has been produced by volunteer members of the B&O RR Historical Society for the purpose of disseminating B&O modeling information. They have volunteered without monetary support from the Society, but the Society has hosted these files because they serve the mission of the Society. These B&O Modeler Magazine editions are to be reproduced for personal use only in total or by article. Neither full editions nor separate articles may be sold for retail purposes other than by the B&O Railroad Historical Society. Copyright BORHS 2005-2022. All Rights Reserved.
If you value this endeavor, please support the staff by submitting articles of your modeling feats. The Society will continue to host these files into the future, but they will ultimately be transferred to a "for sale only" status.
Past issues of the B&O Modeler are available for download in CD format in both the Videos link and also the Models link of the Company Store. There is a B&O Modeler Index made available thanks to Society member Jim Ford who has developed this comprehensive index.
You will need a copy of to read the B&O Modeler editions. If you do not have a current copy on your computer, you may download a free version.