Shipping Charge and Sales Tax

Shipping charges are based upon a "First Item" basis, where the First Item is generally the one with the highest shipping charge. For routine Domestic shipments, i.e. to a US address, $7.00 is set for the 1st item except for the following cases:
-- $3.50 for the 1st item IF all items are any combination of any items costing no more than $10.00; or Videos, Calendars, or Sentinels whatever the cost; or a Society hat.
-- $0.00 for any item in the 7xxxx series, as these items are delivered by download.
-- $0.00 for Membership fees and Donations.

$2.00 is added for each additional item except for those in the 7xxxx series (Reprints) as well as for Membership fees and Donations.

Media Mail will be used whenever practical. First Class or Priority Mail will be used when necessary. USPS or UPS Retail Ground may be used in special cases.

For Foreign shipments, disregard the shipping charges appearing on the order form. Pay by credit card. The Company Store will compute the correct shipping charges using the lowest USPS rate plus $3.00

Special Sales Flyers may have shipping charges that differ from these computations. The Society reserves the right to adjust shipping to allow for odd sizing on packaging, to allow for unusual weights, or to provide an additional sales incentive.

Sales tax at the appropriate Maryland rate is applied to items shipped from our Store TO a Maryland address. Sales tax is not applied to Membership fees or Donations. NOTE that sales tax is applied to the RETAIL prices. Because of our sales volume in Ohio at Society functions, we do apply Ohio sales tax at the appropriate rate for the location when the Store is present at functions in Ohio.

You may mix items purchased from our Store with a renewal or donation, and the computation should only charge shipping for items actually shipped.