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The Sentinel in an electronic version

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Historical Society offers The Sentinel quarterly magazine in an electronic version (referenced as eSentinel) which can be downloaded from one of the links below. To sign up for this optional way of receiving the magazine, members should send an email to Membership or mark the appropriate checkbox on their annual membership renewal form. Members have the option to receive our quarterly magazine, The Sentinel, by mail through the postal service, through digital download, or members can receive both methods of delivery for an additional fee of $10.00. This election must be made at the time of membership renewal, or at the time a new member submits an application for membership. Members desiring to receive the eSentinel will be provided download instructions from the Society Webmaster. All communications with Membership must include your member number (unless you are a new member and have not yet received this information), your mailing address, and your email address. You must provide a current email address to enroll as a subscriber for our electronic version; otherwise, there will be no way of notifying you when a new copy has been released for download and there will be no way for you to access the download area. There are more details on the Sentinel page regarding signing up for the eSentinel.


Are you interested? You should try before you convert. Free download available

We have set up two links for you to test before you commit to subscribing to this service. We have taken a portion of a recent edition of The Sentinel and made it available for download without obligation by you. The hard copy Sentinel is 40 pages. These sample copies are the first 6 pages of the normal publication. One link has the low resolution version; the other link the high resolution version. You can download either copy, or both, to help you decide. Thus, you can compare the printed copy received through the mail with the downloaded copy of the eSentinel.

To download the larger, high resolution sample copy, click on this link

To download the lower resolution sample copy, click on this link.

Protect your downloaded copy

For those who have subscribed to the digital version, the eSentinel copy will be available for download at the same time that the paper copy has been printed. Ensure that you perform your download in a timely manner upon notification that the new edition is available. Please backup your computer hard drive to ensure that your copy of the eSentinel will always be available to you for your enjoyment.

Download Area

eSentinel Magazine

Current eSentinel Magazine Inserts

A PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is required to view the electronic version of The Sentinel and any inserts. A free version is available by selecting this Adobe link: Get Acrobat Reader

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