B&O 2019 Calendar


The 2019, 40th Anniversary edition of The B&ORRHS Calendar has already been published and is available for purchase. This year's calendar concentrates on Baltimore. It includes 4 additional pages, with a centerfold map which indicates many points of interest regarding the B&O in the Baltimore area. We also have a few copies of earlier calendars that remain for sale at greatly discounted prices. No matter what the year you are interested in, the pictures are well worth the price of the calendar.

Here are some photos from this year's calendar.

Our 2012 and 2013 calendars quickly sold out, and only a few calendars from other years remain. Order this 2019 calendar early to ensure you get one. Sustaining members receive a calendar free. (If at the Sustaining level of membership on September 30, the member receives the next year's calendar; otherwise, the calendar for the year after.)

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