Member Discounts

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Historical Society provides a member discount on most items sold through our Company Store. At present, Society members receive a 10% discount. To get this discount, you must have your four digit membership number and the five digit ZIP Code that is registered with the Society. Prices shown on this web site are at full retail level unless otherwise noted. For members, during checkout, you will be given the opportunity to enter your membership number and your ZIP Code. That information will be compared against our membership records and if you are found to be a valid member, you will get the discount and the checkout prices on eligible items will be adjusted accordingly.

Periodically, items are offered at special sale prices with discounts already built into the prices shown. Conversely, an occasional item may be offered with no discount. In these cases, such items will be clearly indicated, and the Society will provide a flyer separately or linked on this web site. That flyer must be used for purchases of these kinds and not the normal checkout process. As an example, the Company Store usually includes a special sales flyer for members as a part of our quarterly The Sentinel mailing. You must be a Society member to be able to take advantage of this type of sale. Purchases from this special sales flyer must be submitted, with payment, directly to the Company Store at the address indicated on the flyer. In the instance of no discount, the price of the item will usually be a link to the flyer.

Please note that for the protection of our members, the membership number as well as the member's name will be subject to verification to ensure that the membership is still valid or that it is the actual member who is ordering the product. Do not share your membership number with anyone. Also, ensure that your address, especially your 5-digit ZIP Code, is accurate. The Society permits you to change your address electronically by Email address change to Membership.

If you are sure you are a valid member, but have questions about our discount policy, you may Email company store our Company Store Manager who will try to answer your questions.