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Welcome to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Historical Society

The Society is dedicated to the preservation of and education about the history of America’s first Common Carrier Railroad, the Baltimore & Ohio. The Society has members all over the world across a variety of railroad interests from modeling to research to preservation.

The Society maintains a large archive of documentation from the Office of the Vice President of Operations and Engineering from the B&O Railroad. We are also the custodians of numerous photographs and other items of research. We are constantly publishing our findings through our Company Store. Our Archives area is open one weekend a month to facilitate members who which to pursue their B&O research efforts. The Society also publishes a quarterly magazine, The Sentinel and a periodic on-line magazine, The B&O Modeler, intended for the modeler. The Sentinel magazine can be delivered through the mail in hard copy format, or digitally downloaded from our web. Members can also choose to receive both the copy through the mail as well as the digital download edition for a slight additional fee. Each year, the Society also holds a major conference and two mini-conferences.

The B&O Railroad Historical Society is always welcoming new members. We have two levels of individual membership—Regular and Sustaining. Regular members get a year of our quarterly journal, The Sentinel. Sustaining members get a year of our journal and our Color Calendar. All levels of individual members enjoy discounts with our Company Store and the ability to attend our mini-conferences and our annual Convention. Become a member or check out the Membership link on the left for more information. There is also a web based membership application available. Become a B&O Railroad Historical Society Member. Fill out our online membership application.

We invite you to read about our Society history as well as a brief history of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Read about our history and a brief history of the B&O or investigate the Our Society link on the left. We would also suggest that you look at the wealth of Baltimore and Ohio Railroad historical information that is available through the many articles written for our quarterly magazine, The Sentinel. These magazines contain a wealth of information about the B&O and the railroad's early beginnings. The Company Store still has a few back issues available for sale to the public, some going back to 1990. There are also two CD's available for sale that contain copies of virtually every Sentinel magazine printed since inception of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Historical Society.

The Society is also active in the development of new models that accurately represent an item of equipment that ran on the B&O during its existence. If anyone, whether it be a commercial entity or an individual with an idea that has a clear path to production, with recommended vendor, of a B&O product, please contact our Chairman, B&O Modeling Committee. You could also contact our VP/Finance who will coordinate with the B&O Modeling Committee. Please see our Contacts button in the Navigation Bar above for a listing of Society contacts, including the Chairman, B&O Modeling Committee as well as the VP/Finance.


The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Historical Society needs your donations for programs that are beyond the budget covered by our membership dues and our Company Store sales. These are programs that are made possible by your dontions. Please go to the DONATIONS button on the Navigation Bar at the top of this page to see the programs that need your help.

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Here are some B&O Railroad Historical Society items of note. Check 'em out!

New Society Modeling Committee Chair Bruce Elliott has recently returned from the NMRA Annual Convention held this year in Cleveland, Ohio. He provides us with this report.

The 3rd Quarter 2014 edition of our magazine, The Sentinel, has been published and has been mailed to our members. Members receiving a copy electronically should have been notified. For a further discussion on our Sentinel magazine and electronic delivery options, please click on the Sentinel button on our Navigation Bar at the top of this page.

The 2014 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Historical Society Annual Convention is planned for Cumberland, Maryland during September. Here is a flyer with details of the convention.

After several years absence, there will be an Eastern Minicon this year. The Eastern Minicon will be held on Saturday August 2nd at St John's Lutheran Church, 101 W. Martin Street, Martinsburg, WV. The church is located at the corner of North Queen Street and West Martin Street. Lunch will be served at the church and included in the meeting registration fee. In the morning, Bernie Kempinski will speak on the B&O RR in the Civil War. In the afternoon, John King will describe his Recreation of the Shenandoah Sub and Greg Smith will speak on the Current State of Modeling B&O Diesels in HO. After the presentations, there will be a walking tour of the roundhouse complex. Here is further information, including registration and places to stay.

It is Election Time at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Historical Society. Ballots will be sent out to all members in good standings as a part of the 3rd Quarter 2014 mailing of our Sentinel magazine. We also have the capability of voting electronically via this web site. You may fill out the ballot that was mailed to you or, as an alternative, you may fill out our web ballot on line. The web ballot has been tested using the latest version of Microsoft Explorer, Firefox (for Windows), and Windows 7. We have not been able to get it to work consistently with Google Chrome. The web ballot uses Adobe Acrobat Reader as well to read the form and permit you to input your voting preference. For Mac users, if you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, it works with Safari. Some Mac Firefox users have been able to access the ballot with the Adobe Plug-in installed. Again, it does not work well with Google Chrome for the Mac. If you use our web ballot, a signature is not required. As another option, you may also scan in your completed ballot and Elections Email mail to the Society. All ballots, whether they are received from postal service or email, will be matched against the membership roster to insure that the ballot is valid and the member is entitled to vote. To be counted, your name and member number must be included in the lower right corner. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET to attach your ballot to your email. In the subject line, just type the words "ELECTIONS 2014".

A Building Fund to House Future Archives, Research, and Company Store functions. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Historical Society has been a continuously functioning educational society for more than 30 years. We have made many significant changes over the last 15 years, offering members such things as an outstanding quarterly publication, The Sentinel, yearly calendars, books and reproductions on the B&O operations, mini-conventions and annual conventions. Great progress has also been made in developing the Society's archival collection. The Society's photographs, maps and charts, books and documents are now secure under one roof. But with the growing collection and the increase in the number of volunteer workers, plus an increase in technology (think computers), we have rapidly outgrown the space. The executive committee and board of directors have come to the conclusion that we need to plan now for change in the archives space and location. So we have instituted a fund-raising campaign to establish a war chest for such a move. The collection is presently housed in a rented 2,000-square-foot space. We have been organizing the collection with limited working space for the volunteers. This has been possible by using every space in corners and along walls. To date, most of the maps and charts are recorded in a spreadsheet and photographs are being scanned and indexed. To grow and meet the requirements to keep our 501 (c) 3 educational status we need to do outreach to members and the community. We expect that the Society will need more than 8,000 square feet of space to be more functional and have space to expand. One place we have checked into could require a minimum of $450,000 for purchase and renovations to reach a workable amount of space. This would provide space for a world-class railroad research library, digital imaging center, volunteer work stations, storage space for archival records, space for the company store, several offices and a conference room for the board, closets, and at least one classroom and a meeting room. We must also allow for the costs of modifying any space we obtain, the purchase of additional furniture, and moving the collection to a new location.

There are 6 contribution levels: the Capitol Limited Supporter, the National Limited Supporter, the Royal Blue Supporter, the Cincinnatian Supporter, the Sentinel Supporter, and the Timesaver Supporter. Each category is based upon the level of funds contributed by those supporting this program. Please refer to the support level criteria displayed on the submission form shown when you click on the graphic at the beginning of this discussion. Contributions for this project can be made by printing out the form provided by the graphic, filling it out, and mailing it in to the address provided at the bottom of the form. Please include any funds with your form. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but contributions to the Building Fund must be made on the form provided and must be separate from any other contributions or payments made to the Society.

All contributors will be sent an acknowledgement letter by the Society that can be used for tax purposes. The B&O Railroad Historical Society is a 501 (c) 3 organization for donation purposes.

Fostoria Iron Triangle - We now have a direct link to the Fostoria Rail Preservation Society in the "Other Railroad Sites" link in the lower left margin of our home page. From this link, you can keep up to date on the progress that is being made to develop the Fostoria Iron Triangle as one of the premiere train watching sites in B&O territory. Check it out. Come back often to watch the progress. Fostoria has always been a friend of the B&O Railroad Historical Society and as a result, the western contingency of our Society has had numerous western mini-cons in Fostoria. We have some short videos in our Showtime link that provide some train shots from recent mini-con's held by the B&O Railroad Historical Society in Fostoria.

Did you know that we have several ways you can receive your quarterly magazine, The Sentinel? You can get your copy the traditional way by hard copy through the postal service. You can opt for a digital copy in place of your hard copy. Or, you can now opt for both methods of delivery for an additional fee of $10.00. To find out more about your delivery options for our magazine, The Sentinel, go to our Sentinel link.

Check Here for New Items Just Listed For Sale or Great Price Reductions on Some of Our Older Merchandise. See below for the most recent additions:

B&O RR Historical Society 2015 Color Calendar featuring the photographs of B&O enthusiast, Robert R. Markle. This year's calendar represents the last years of B&O operations as an individual corporate identity. Click on the photo to the left for a sampling of the photos in the calendar. To order, please see stock # 22015 in the Calendar link in our Company Store.

Reprint of a Facility- This reprint, added May 22, 2014, is titled "Description of Construction of Washington Terminal", dated February 1986, by AMTRAK. The work involves the continued redevelopment of Union Station after AMTRAK took over the passenger train operations. Covers track work, Ivy City, and Mail Handling facilities. To order, please see stock # 72088 in the Facilities link in our Company Store.

B&O N-34 Covered Hoppers now ready for advance orders. These covered hoppers are expected for delivery in December 2014. The first 100 N-34 Covered Hoppers (630400-630499) were built in the Spring of 1940. The second batch (630300-630399) were bult in the Summer of that year. All N-34s were retired by the 1970s. There are 6 known schemes, which are presented in this run. All models are RTR HO scale with etched metal roofwalks, wire grabs, metal wheels, and Kadee couplers. These covered hoppers must be ordered separately from an order form displayed by clicking on the photo to the left. Print it out. Fill it out. Mail it in along with your payment to the address provided on the form. These excellent models can also be seen in the Models link in our Company Store.

Book- "C&O/B&O In Color", by Bob Withers. As the merger scene in the eastern United States heated up in the early 1960s with Erie Lackawanna, N&W-NKP-Wabash, and talk of Penn Central, a union of a different type occurred between the Chesapeake and Ohio and the Baltimore and Ohio. While not a true "merger" for several reasons, the affiliation was dubbed "C&O/B&O" and was quite visible during the 1960s on timetables, advertisements, corporate reports, and especially trackside where C&O and B&O locomotives began mixing it up, especially on the B&O tracks. To order, please see stock # 10144 in the Books link in our Company Store.

Book- "The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in Maryland," by David Shackleford, This Arcadia Images of Rail book is a picture book in B/W describing the B&O by era within the state of Maryland. It also contains chapters on Mt Clare Shops and the Museum. The author is Curator of the B&O Museum and had access to many photos from the Museum. To order, please see stock # 10143 in the Books link of our Company Store.


These are the 1945 and the 1955 versions of the B&O I-5 cabooses. The B&O built 400 I-5 cabooses (road numbers 1900-2299) between 1924 and 1929. All the I-5s had all-steel underframes, steel ends, and wood sides. They went through modifications starting in the 1940's to C an D models. Other minor mods were many and varied. These models come with wire grabs, metal wheels, and Kadee couplers. These cabooses must be ordered separately from other item using the order form provided by clicking on the photo to the left. Because this is a special purchase by the Society, the order form must be used. Print the form out; fill it out; mail it to the address provided at the end of the form along with your payment. The order form provides information on the differences between the 1945 and the 1955 versions of the caboose.

B&O Photos and Society Projects

3rd Quarter The Sentinel

EM-1 and sister on Swine Creek grade south of Middlefield, OH.
From 2014 Society calendar

1952-B&O and PRR station facilities Marietta, OH. From 2013 Society calendar

1973-Falls Cut Tunnel. From 2015 Society calendar

Interested in more shots of B&O Railroad Historical Society events? Check out our SHOWTIME.

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