Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Historical Society at the NMRA 2021 Convention

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Historical Society (BORHS) will be offering Rails by the Bay attendees opportunities for learning about modeling the B&O. We will be available for live questions and discussion through the "Birds of a Feather Breakout Rooms" on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (July 6 - 8) 5-7 PM PDT Dinner Break.

Tuesday's focus will be on the BORHS and its facilities as the place to get answers:
 Portal to information
 Collections and PastPerfect cataloging of items
 Archives Facility
 How to access documents and holdings

Wednesday's focus will be on equipment and infrastructure:
 Photos, drawings, company documents, Engineering reports

Thursday will cover Operations:
 Use of the Form 6
 Freight working books
 Terminal Operations

Come join us for all things B&O in the B&O Breakout Room:
 Go to the Great Hall from the LogIn page.
 At the bottom of your Zoom screen there is a button for BreakOut Rooms.
 A drop-down list will appear.
 Click on BORHS.

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