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The 4th Quarter 2020 edition of The Sentinel has been published. There are a number of interesting historical articles about the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Please see the table of contents on page two of the following link for the topics included in this edition: Here is a low resolution copy of 6 pages from this issue.

Back issues of The Sentinel and its predecessor publications have been made available at The Company Store on CD/DVD in Volumes I thru III. Vol I contains issues from the years 1979 thru 1889. Vol II contains Sentinels of 1990 thru 1999. Vol III contains Sentinels from 2000 thru 2009. All issues are in in PDF format, generally in high resolution.

Back issues of The Sentinel provide a wealth of history on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The Society has been publishing The Sentinel since the 1980s. While many issues are now out of stock in hard copy format, the Company Store has all editions from the 1980s through 2009 available in PDF format for sale on CDs. Here is an index of the topics that have appeared in the past in our magazine and its predecessors. This index is updated within a few weeks of the issuance of the magazine, so please check back often. Please go to our Company Store to check and see what issues are still available. And while you are there, consider purchasing one or more of our CDs, each containing a decade of outstanding reference and reading material.

The Sentinel is published quarterly by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Historical Society and is provided to all Society members in good standing as a part of their dues payment.

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Alternatives for receiving the quarterly magazine, The Sentinel: Society members can choose to receive their quarterly magazine either as a hard copy through the USPS mail (the default method), as a digital download through our web site; or for an additional fee, a member can receive both the hard copy and the digital download.

Members who wish to change the method of delivery but do not want BOTH hard copy and digital download: A member can change from hard copy to digital at any time. Just send an email to the membership chair and indicate your desire to change. Make sure you give us a valid email address so you can be provided download instructions. You can revert back to receiving just the hard copy by notifying Membership.

Changing to dual media delivery - hard copy by mail as well as digital download - at time of membership renewal: A member can choose to receive both the hard copy by mail as well as the digital copy for an additional fee of $10.00. This option is only available at time of membership renewal or within three months following renewal. This option will allow a member to digitally download four consecutive issues of The Sentinel as well as to receive the magazine in hard copy through the mail. You must be able to make these downloads within the term of two issues as only two issues will be available at any time. This option must be renewed annually at time of membership renewal. Once this option has been chosen, it cannot be changed until the next renewal period.

New members can select this option at time of membership application and add $10.00 to the application fee.

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