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    Welcome to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Historical Society

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    Special Announcements

    Updates as of January 7, 2022 (See * below.)

    MESSAGE from the Company Store

    The Society has changed its policy and method of selling Reprints. Please see details at the top of the Company Store page. Similarly, the policy for selling CDs produced by the Society has changed and is described at the same location.

    MESSAGE from the Archives

    * Fellow Historians of the B&O: The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Historical Society will be open for researchers on the following Saturdays this year: March 19th, April 9th, May 21st, June 11th, July 16th, August 20th, September 17th, October 22nd, and November 12th. Please send a message to president@borhs.org with date of arrival if you plan to attend. Address: 5745 Bartholow Road, Eldersburg, Maryland 21784. Time: 9:00 to 3:30.

    Note also that semi-annual house cleaning sessions will be conducted on the following Saturdays: April 23rd and October 15th.

    Greg Smith, President


    * With consideration of the COVID-19 virus restrictions in the State of Maryland, the B&O Railroad Historical Society Archives Building management will observe the following restrictions for visitors and volunteers:

    Volunteers and visiting researchers must be pre-registered to be admitted into the Archives Building as described below. With limited space due to Social Distancing, we may not have room for you otherwise. Thank you for your cooperation.
    "Registered Volunteers" are members who have worked at the Archives previously and who will be contacted by BORHS VP Grant Berry to sign up for each week's work session, which will be open to a limited number of volunteers. If you are not currently on that list and would like to be added, contact Grant at vp@borhs.org. Researchers will be welcome upon making an appointment through Grant at least 2 weeks in advance, but it is advisable to first send him a list of your mission and needs.

    A face covering will no longer be required IF you are vaccinated. Social Distancing will still be observed, and materials will be provided for disinfecting.

    The Archives will be open for volunteers and visitors, weather permitting, every Thursday this year except for the week of the Annual Convention, Thanksgiving, and the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience,
     The B&O Railroad Historical Society

    For more information about the Society, see About Us

    The Society is dedicated to the preservation of and education about the history of America’s first Common Carrier Railroad, the Baltimore & Ohio. The Society has members all over the world across a variety of railroad interests from modeling to research to preservation.

    The Society maintains a large archive of documentation from the Office of the Vice President of Operations and Engineering from the B&O Railroad. We are also the custodians of numerous photographs and other items of research. We publish our findings through our Company Store whenever we feel it is helpful to do so. Our Archives area is open one weekend a month to facilitate members who wish to pursue their B&O research efforts. The Society also publishes a quarterly magazine, The Sentinel, which can be delivered through the mail in hard copy format or digitally downloaded from our web. Members can also choose to receive both the copy through the mail as well as the digital download edition for an additional fee. Each year, the Society also holds a major conference and two mini-conferences.

    The B&O Railroad Historical Society is always welcoming new members. We have two levels of individual membership—Regular and Sustaining. Regular members get a year of our quarterly journal, The Sentinel. Sustaining members get a year of our journal and our annual Calendar, which is mostly in color. NOTE that you must be at the Sustaining level of membership on September 30 to receive the next year's calendar free; otherwise you will be on the list for the year after. All levels of individual members enjoy discounts with our Company Store and the privilege to attend our annual Convention and mini-conferences. Become a member or check out the Membership link on the left for more information. There is a web based membership application form available on the linked page.

    Read about our history and a brief history of the B&O or investigate the Our Society area on the left. We would also suggest that you look at the wealth of Baltimore and Ohio Railroad historical information that is available through the many articles written for our quarterly magazine, The Sentinel. These magazines contain a wealth of information about the B&O and the railroad's early beginnings. The Company Store still has a few back issues available for sale to the public in magazine format, some going back to 1990. There are also three CD's available for sale that contain copies of virtually every Sentinel magazine printed since inception of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Historical Society through CY 2009. These magazine files are in "PDF" format.

    The Society is also active in the development of new models that accurately represent an item of equipment that ran on the B&O during its existence. If anyone, whether it be a commercial entity or an individual with an idea that has a clear path to production, with recommended vendor, of a B&O product, please contact our Chairman, B&O Modeling Committee. Please see our Contacts button in the Navigation Bar above for a listing of Society contacts, including the Chairman, B&O Modeling Committee.

    Donations to our Historical Society are Really Appreciated

    The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Historical Society needs your donations for programs that are beyond the budget covered by our membership dues and our Company Store sales. Examples of programs that are made possible by your donations include Archives acquisitions and entry into the catalog, building maintenance, and outreach programs to inform the public about the B&O Railroad. Please go to our DONATIONS page to see the programs that need your help.

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    Here are some recent B&O Railroad Historical Society items of note. Check 'em out!

    The 1st Quarter 2022 issue of The Sentinel magazine has been sent to the printer

    The print copy of the latest issue of The Sentinel magazine will be mailed soon. The digital copy is ready for download at this link for those members who subscribe to the digital edition, and the hard copy will be available at the Company Store soon.
    You may want to go to our Company Store to check what hard copy back issues are still available (click on 'The Sentinel' link in the left margin). Please be aware that we have ALL issues of The Sentinel and its predecessors (through 2009) available for download in CD format, broken down by decade. These issues are in PDF format that must be viewed on a computer. You can order the files from the Company Store as well as many of the hard copies.

    Flea Market and Silent Auction scheduled

    The Society will sponsor this event at the Society's Eldersburg building on Saturday, November 19, from 9:00 to 4:00. This event is NOT for dealers -- individuals only. Look for further information as the date approaches.

    Issue 54 of the B&O Modeler Magazine has been published

    The latest issue of the B&O Modeler Magazine is available as of December. You can see it by clicking on the picture to the left, or by going to the Modeler Magazine link in the Navigation Bar at the top of this page. An index for the Modeler is available at this link.

    The 2022 BORHS calendar has been published

    The B&O Railroad Historical Society has produced another great calendar reflecting photos and captions from the history of the B&O Railroad. The 2022 calendar is now available for purchase. See our Company Store. The calendar is free for sustaining members and will be shipped to the sustaining members during October 2021.

    Easy Way to Change Your Address. Members can change their mailing address by email if they want to save postage and for added convenience. Did you know that you can also change your email address by using the same method? Keeping a current email address on file is important as it is a quick way to check with you if there is a question on a Company Store order, a renewal, or for any other issue that may arise. We recognize that people move, and that may also mean that your email address changes as well. So in addition to sending in your mailing address by email, please let us know if your email address will be changing as well. To send in any changes, please click on the following link and don't forget to include your member number. Click here to let us know your new moving or email address.

    Sentinel Delivery Options. We have different ways you can receive your quarterly magazine, The Sentinel. You can get your copy the traditional way by printed copy through the postal service. Or you can opt for a digital copy in place of the print one. You can also opt for both methods of delivery for an additional fee of $10.00. To find out more about your delivery options for our magazine, The Sentinel, go to our Sentinel link.

    Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Historical Society Artist Website

    The Society has an agreement with the Pixels.com website to sell Baltimore & Ohio Railroad artwork on a multitude of items ranging from clothing, coffee mugs, beach towels, tote bags, and many more. Perfect for gifts to anyone interested in railroading, present or past. Take a look at what is offered at this unique artist website.

    Check our Company Store for Items for Sale.

    B&O Photos and Society Projects

    3rd Quarter The Sentinel

    From 2019 Society calendar
    Click on photo for a sampling of pictures

    1984 Old Main Line. From 2014 Society calendar

    Four-Stall B&O Roundhouse Connellsville PA 1955

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